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We're Hiring: MEMS Engineer

We are seeking a versatile and experienced MEMS engineer to work full-time, approximately 40% time in the UC Berkeley Nanolab and 60% time at our office in Burlingame, CA.


  • Flexible hours
  • PPO medical insurance, dental and vision plans, 401k
  • 4 weeks paid time off annually


  • Paid hourly, with hourly rate commensurate with experience
  • Variable workload ranging from 25-55 hours per week

Job Description

In this job, you will work on multiple client projects to develop custom MEMS devices, sometimes as project leader and sometimes as a team member. Typical project work consists of at least one full prototyping cycle: design, mask layout, runsheet development, and hands-on fabrication. You must be very comfortable with fab work, able to troubleshoot processes and to work independently; you will rarely execute the same process flow twice. For projects that you lead, you will be expected to manage client expectations and communications, as well as overall project workflow, schedule, and budget. You may also perform internal R&D, write proposals, interact with foundries and represent the company at professional events. You will be expected to continually develop your engineering expertise and knowledge of all things MEMS.


  • PhD in Engineering/Physics with a focus on MEMS or BS/MS with at least five years of MEMS experience
  • Self-directed and detail-oriented with a can-do attitude, proven multi-tasker
  • Enjoys working on a variety of projects
  • Substantial hands-on MEMS fabrication experience
  • Advanced mask design (L-edit) and process flow design experience
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident (green card)

Desired Skills

  • UC Berkeley Nanolab or other research lab experience
  • DRIE recipe development
  • Design experience with piezoresistive and capacitive MEMS sensors
  • Proficiency in ANSYS, Matlab or SolidWorks
  • Packaging, circuit or ASIC design

Submitting an Application

  • Please email your resume to careers@amfitzgerald.com
  • The subject line of your email MUST contain the text: "MEMS Engineer"
  • Resume in .PDF format, no more than two pages long
  • List specific equipment and process experience
  • No phone calls, please!
  • Background check and references are required prior to hiring