AMFitzgerald builds MEMS solutions that deliver much more to clients than a device.

When you engage with us, you get an experienced, resourceful team focused on uncovering and understanding the core issues behind your product needs. Our bigger-picture approach yields the kind of insights that lead to strategic innovation. And it empowers you with intelligent, lasting solutions to your toughest product challenges.

MEMS Innovation

Starting with your motivations, and taking a practical, well-planned approach to development, is how we innovate enduring MEMS solutions. Learn about our methods.


We are, first and foremost, builders of MEMS. And in this, we are some of the most knowledgeable and inventive people in the field today. Our broad skill set in micro technology development is our unique strength. See all we do.

Our semi-custom service can provide the sensor you need in less than six months. The perfect solution for OEMs and product developers. Learn about this exclusive service.


We work in some of today's most exciting fields, with clients who operate on the cutting edge of their industries. It's our privilege to partner with them. See some of the companies we work with.