A variety of RocketMEMS pressure sensors and test structures

A variety of RocketMEMS pressure sensors and test structures

RocketMEMS® is a new business model we developed to create and deliver semi-custom MEMS sensors for specialty products and applications. It enables OEMs and system integrators to get to market in rocket-fast time with cost-effective sensor production via ISO-certified foundries.

How it Works

  • Customer submits sensor specification to AMFitzgerald
  • We use one of our reference designs, verified on a process flow assembled from Silex SmartBlocks™, to create a custom sensor
  • Foundry manufactures the sensors in a run managed by AMFitzgerald
  • We provide tested, known good chips

We're happy to customize a sensor that meets your distinct needs.


Want to Know More?

Get the sample die and sensor evaluation kit

Evaluation Kit
Please contact us if you are interested in receiving a pressure sensor evaluation kit. The kit contains a packaged silicon sensor, socketed to a custom circuit board, a USB cable and software drivers for plug-and-play data acquisition. The kit enables sensor readout in I2C digital or unamplified analog formats.

  • Evaluation Kit User's Manual (PDF)
  • Software Drivers

  • For more information, contact: rocketmems@amfitzgerald.com

    AMFitzgerald has proven to be instrumental in validating risky engineering endeavors that lead to real products. I highly recommend them.
    — Jim Hunter, Silicon Light Machines