Your Partner in MEMS Development

Since 2003, AMFitzgerald has been a key development partner to over 125 clients around the world, ranging in size from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Our team of experts develops all types of MEMS sensors and actuators for applications in the consumer electronics, medical devices, industrial, aerospace, and scientific markets. We also help shape our customers' business and product strategies by leveraging our deep technical knowledge and unique industry insight.

We are well known in the MEMS industry for our technical expertise, practical approach to manufacturing, and forthright assessment of risk. Our customers trust us with their most critical projects and return to us year after year.

Where to Meet Us: Next Industry Events

"The Changing Landscape of the Healthcare Industry"


GSA European Executive Forum

Munich, Germany

"The Hyperconnected World and the Advent of Cognitive Technologies"


Sensors Expo

Long Beach, CA

The nation's leading tradeshow focusing exclusively on sensors and sensor-integrated systems.


Transducers 2015

Anchorage, AK

The top international academic conference on MEMS sensors and actuators. Meet us at Booth #19.


Jim Reed, COO, Cantimer Inc.

"AMFitzgerald worked with us to develop a custom MEMS die from start to finish, fabricated the first prototypes, and concluded with selection of a commercial manufacturer. AMFitzgerald was an integrated member of our team and contributed greatly to our success."

Harry Rowland, Ph.D., CTO Endotronix

"AMFitzgerald provides top notch MEMS consulting expertise. Whether analysis, design, fabrication, or hands-on test and characterization, AMFitzgerald has always delivered value in helping us achieve our goals."

Charles Roxlo, VP and GM, Finisar

"AMFitzgerald has greatly improved our understanding of our devices by developing extensive mechanical models. This has resulted in significantly improved yield and reliability, and given us a world-class product."

Jonathan Hopkins, Ph.D., Lawrence Livermore National Lab

"The folks at AMFitzgerald are reliable, professional, honest, creative, and great at getting difficult jobs done fast. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get micro-fabrication jobs done right."

Jim Hunter, Silicon Light Machines

"AMFitzgerald has proven to be instrumental in validating risky engineering endeavors that lead to real products. I highly recommend them."

Andrew Kamholz, Ph.D., CEO, Edge Embossing LLC

"Capability, communication, precision, and follow-through--a perfect vendor."