Our extensive capabilities are the product of real-world experience and an undeniable, authentic passion for cutting-edge engineering.

It's a formidable combination that makes us able to expertly cover a lot of topics. These include:

MEMS & Sensor Design

  • Sensor and system specifications
  • Sensor/actuator design: piezoresistive, capacitive, piezoelectric, thermal, resonant

Process integration

  • Mask layout: contact and stepper reticles
  • Short loop experiments
  • Runsheet development
  • Process tolerancing and windowing

Prototyping & Low Volume Fabrication

Microfabrication capabilities

  • Sensors: piezoresistive, piezoelectric, capacitive, resonant
  • Actuators: electrostatic, thermal bimorph, piezoelectric, magnetic
  • Microcantilevers, with or without tips
  • Microfluidics
  • Micromolds
  • Silex SilVia® Through Silicon Via
  • Mask design and layout in .TDB or .GDS format
  • Contact lithography to 2 um and stepper lithography to 0.35 um
  • All bulk and surface micromachining processes for silicon, glass, and quartz, on 100 or 150 mm diameter substrates up to 10 mm thick (non-standard substrate shapes on a case-by-case basis)
  • CMOS-compatible processes
  • MEMS over pre-fab CMOS
  • Polymer micromachining using SU-8 and PDMS
  • Less common thin film materials, such as AlN, ZnO, Pt, and others
  • Limited capabilities for sapphire, III-V semiconductors, and other substrates
  • Wafer bonding: anodic, polymer, eutectic
  • Grind and polish
  • Laser coring and drilling
  • Dicing, traditional and stealth
  • Wirebonding, die attach, underfill, globbing
  • Chip to Flex circuit
Other processes
  • Traditional metal machining
  • Plastics embossing
  • Rapid prototyping stereolithography
  • Chemical milling of sheet metal

Modeling & Simulation

Package design and assembly Testing

  • Wafer-level and chip-level
  • Electrical and physical
  • Environmental

Translational engineering: development for high volume production

Sensor module design

  • Electronics: control, signal processing, and sensor readout
  • System integration

Supply chain creation and management

  • Foundry search
  • Foundry transfer

Technology strategy consulting

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Make versus buy analysis
  • Patent landscaping
  • Operations and management consulting
  • Workshops for executives and directors


Our Global Ecosystem of Trusted Partners

By augmenting our own engineering team with a curated group of accomplished partners, we've created an ecosystem as capable as any vertically integrated company. Yet we have the efficiency of a small team. Many of our partner relationships have endured for over a decade. Our ecosystem includes the sectors represented here, and features: 

  • Qualified, trusted vendors and foundries
  • Global supply base
  • Access to unusual materials and capabilities
  • ISO 13485 production with Millar OEM
We worked with AMFitzgerald to aid in transitioning the fabrication of our sensor technology to a commercially viable manufacturing process. We found their expertise in this area invaluable, guiding us around known pitfalls, serving as a liaison to interact with foundries, and providing key insights into viable paths forward. A great bunch of folks to work with too. Highly recommend.
— Steve Horowitz, President, IC2