MEMS technology is a fascinating, dynamic field and we're always excited to read more about it or to share our own take on what's going on. Here are recent insights we’ve published or presented, as well as the latest news and opinions from us.


Ultraminiature MEMS Sensors for Improved Patient Outcomes
Medical Design Briefs, May 2019
Ultraminiature sensors (<1 mm in size) enable instrumentation of medical devices in order to advance monitoring capabilities, deliver new insight into complex cardiovascular cases, and optimize targeted treatment therapies.

The Internet of Disposable Things Will Be Made of Paper and Plastic Sensors
IEEE Spectrum, November 2018
For disposable sensors, silicon will never be the right fit—but cheaper tech is nearly here.

For Lidar, MEMS the Word
Autonomous Vehicles Engineering, October 2018
Tiny gimballed mirrors on chips are being developed that could improve the form factor and cost of automotive lidar.

Translational Engineering: Best Practices in Developing MEMS for Volume Manufacturing
Sensors and Materials, April 2018
How we ruggedize proof of concept prototypes for commercial production.

A High-speed Large-range Tip-tilt-piston Micromirror Array
IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, December 2016
Micromirror arrays and the potential for advancing applications.

Finding a MEMS Foundry - A Roundtable Discussion
Electronics 360, July 2016
Advice on volume manufacturing of MEMS.

Making Sensors for the IoT
ANSYS Advantage, June 2016
Leveraging simulation to reduce sensor development cost.

Achieving System Cost Reduction and Performance Optimization through Semi-Custom MEMS Pressure Sensors
Sensors Magazine, January 2015
Using RocketMEMS® sensors to optimize sensor system design.

Choosing MEMS Pressure Sensors for Medical Device Applications
Medical Design Briefs, November 2014
Customizing MEMS sensors for medical applications.

Through Silicon Vias in MEMS Product Development
Chip Scale Review, Mar-Apr 2011
How we implement standard through silicon vias (TSV) in MEMS prototypes to accelerate development.

MEMS Structural Reliability and DRIE
White paper, July 2010
Deep reactive ion etch (DRIE) is an essential MEMS fabrication process technology that leaves behind a scalloped surface prone to fracture. Smoother surfaces require slower etches, which are more costly. How smooth is smooth enough?

A General Methodology to Predict the Reliability of Single-Crystal Silicon MEMS Devices
IEEE Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, August 2009
We describe and validate a new failure prediction methodology specifically designed for single-crystal microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices under general service loadings.



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