Our client base spans a range of markets and MEMS device types, with a focus on high-value specialty applications. Here's our general revenue breakdown by market area.


Customer Success Stories



Learn how AMFitzgerald has been working with LLNL to develop a novel three-axis micro-mirror with tip, tilt and piston capability.

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AMFitzgerald has been working with LLNL to develop a novel three-axis micro-mirror with tip, tilt, and piston capability since 2011. The mirror is being developed for high-performance adaptive optics applications such as LIDAR and maskless lithography. Our responsibilities included:

  • Working with LLNL scientists to adapt their designs for MEMS processing.
  • Design, layout, and fabrication of several generations of mirror prototypes. AMFitzgerald engineers are performing all prototype fabrication at UCB Marvell Nanolab
  • Perform metrology and process de-bugging
  • In a more advanced prototype, integrated a third-party polysilicon through silicon vias (TSV) to improve mirror fill factor

PolyOptic Technologies, Inc.

Learn how we fulfilled a client request to design two custom microfiber optical switches, one with linear drive and the other with rotary.

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We designed two custom in-plane electrostatic switches, one having linear drive and the other rotary drive, for a micro fiber optical switching application. Our responsibilities included:

  • ANSYS Multiphysics modeling and analytical modeling to size motor force, deflection, and operating voltage
  • Interface with foundry engineers on process and design rules, tool capabilities, short loops
  • Process integration and runsheet development
  • Photomask layout and tapeout to 150 mm foundry
  • Managed foundry engineers on behalf of client, reviewed in process data and provided foundry engineers with technical advice on wafers in progress
  • Performed wafer-level electrical test on finished foundry wafers to confirm functionality. Used initial test data to further tune ANSYS models.
  • Packaged switches in commercially-available open cavity packages and performed benchtop functional testing of switches


This project to develop a custom MEMS accelerometer is a good example of how our full understanding of the business pays off for our clients.

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  • The client was seeking a MEMS single-axis accelerometer for a cardiac pacemaker application. Due to the application, the client needed an unusual chip geometry.
  • AMFitzgerald first conducted a broad survey to see if any commercially-available MEMS sensors might be used. We also presented pros, cons, budget and timeline for AMFitzgerald design a custom sensor.
  • Because none of the commercial options were quite right, the client elected to have AMFitzgerald develop a custom accelerometer. The client favored using a standard foundry process platform for motion sensors, in order to provide a pathway to scalable 200 mm wafer manufacturing.
  • AMFitzgerald designed the custom MEMS accelerometer using the motion sensor process design kit (PDK) and verified our design using simulation prior to tape-out. Functioning MEMS accelerometers with integrated microelectronic components were produced within the first prototype run at a 200 mm foundry. We collaborated with the customer to characterize the accelerometer’s performance while integrated with the product’s prototype electronics.

Public Semiconductor Foundry

See how our expertise extended to operations consulting and strategy and how our thorough approach helped the customer win new MEMS business.

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  • Client was seeking to expand its core CMOS semiconductor foundry business to also address the MEMS market.
  • We analyzed and strategized on which MEMS products the foundry’s capabilities could best address with minimum capital investment. We provided an assessment of the MEMS process capabilities needed to fabricate such products and conducted a gap analysis of the foundry’s existing equipment set. We delivered a plan for equipment acquisitions needed to upgrade the foundry’s tool set to accommodate MEMS production.
  • The foundry executed our plan and gained several new MEMS customers.


Partial Client List

AMFitzgerald has been a key development partner to over 160 clients around the world since 2003. Our clients trust us with their most critical projects and return to us year after year. They include:



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AMFitzgerald provides top-notch MEMS consulting expertise. Whether analysis, design, fabrication, or hands-on test and characterization, they have always delivered value in helping us achieve our goals.
— Harry Rowland, Ph. D., CTO, Endotronix