At AMFitzgerald, we believe big-picture strategy is the first step to successful MEMS innovation. 

That's why we always want to understand the Why, and specify the What, before we start the engineering work. This is especially important when you consider that developing new technology and products is a very time-consuming and expensive process. Most MEMS products have needed millions of dollars and years to achieve full commercialization.

What does this mean?

  • We develop MEMS with volume manufacturing in mind.
  • We consider system integration and testing requirements from the very beginning.
  • We believe simulation and design verification are essential to successful development and manufacturing.
  • We use a progressive evolution of prototypes to successfully develop complex products. Starting with simple prototypes, we increase the complexity over the series before finally achieving full function.
  • We ensure each development phase consists of sequenced tasks designed to discover, address, and eliminate the technical and business risks of complex product development.

And keep in mind . . .

As the customer, you own all the IP we develop. This simple model enables you to plan manufacturing scale-up with confidence and certainty.



The AMFitzgerald Innovation Process

AMFitzgerald has greatly improved our understanding of our devices by developing extensive mechanical models. This has resulted in significantly improved yield and reliability, and given us a world-class product.
— Charles Roxlo, VP and GM, Finisar